11 Techniques to Success in Apparel Industry | Texhour

Like tna plan, swot analysis there are so many techniques one should follow to be a successful person in the apparel industry.

11 Techniques to Success in Apparel Industry | Texhour
Techniques to Success in Apparel Industry


11 Techniques to Success in Apparel Industry:

  1. Pre-planning is to be done to meet the requirements like time, quality and quantity. (TNA PLAN)

  2. Daily and weekly planning should be prepared and check whether it’s completed or not.

  3. Get a sample approval from buyer before starting the manufacturing process and also be focused on other approval like color, trims and accessories.

  4. Mostly try to make the accessories available before the manufacturing process and the better to source it from regular suppliers.

  5. Carry out regular meeting to update the order status, issues occurring…

  6. All approvals should be in written form with the signature and try to collect the updates from the staffs through e-mail or written form.

  7.  If the target exceeds the time or any serious issue, immediately inform to the higher authorities.

  8. Don’t assume yourself for any issue or problem.

  9. Be alert for unexpected causes and make right decision on time.(SWOT ANALYSIS)

  10.  Give first attention to the urgent or immediate orders.

  11.  Try to finish the goods before 7 – 11 days of shipment date.

These are the important techniques to be followed to lead a successful enterprise.