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the defects of woven fabrics are slub, grain, on-grain, off-grain, reed mark, flat, broken, slack, coarse, bowed, skewed and they are explained in these post.

Defects of Woven Fabric | Texhour
Defects of Woven Fabric


Defects of Woven Fabric


The position of warp yarns relative to filling yarns in a fabric

On-grain Warp yarns lie parallel to each other (lengthwise) & weft yarns lie parallel to each other (crosswise). Warp & weft yarns lie perpendicular to each other.
Off-grain Lowers fabric quality, the fabric does not drape properly, Printed designs are not straight.
Skewed fabric

Filling yarn is at an angle other than 90 degrees to warp yarns.

Bowed fabric Filling yarns dip in the center of the fabric.
Yarn contamination or Fly Floating fibers of different colors or different content enmeshed in the yarn.

A slub caused by uneven spinning or by waste caught during spinning causes a weak spot in the yarn. Could result in a hole in the fabric.

Reed marks

Reed marks due to the improper spacing of the warp yarns.

Barre marks Barre marks due yarn count variation or faulty loom functioning.
Coarse End or Pick A warp or weft yarn having a larger diameter or more plies than the body of the fabric.
Chafe An area where the fabric has been damaged by abrasion or friction.
Flat Two or more threads weaved as one and not meant to be a feature of the weave.

Broken or missing ends or picks.

Slack or tight ends or picks.