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fiber and its type. natural Fibres, man-made fibres are the two type of fiber.

Fiber & its types | Texhour
Fiber & its types



A thread or filament from which is used to form a textile material or cloth.


Fiber Classification

Textile fibers can be broadly classified into two categories

  1. Natural fibers

  2. Man-made fibers


1. Natural Fibers are either plant-based (cellulosic) or animal based (protein).

Some of the main natural fibers are,

  1.  Cotton

  2.  Linen

  3.  Wool

  4.  Silk


2. Man-made fibers are either cellulosic or non-cellulosic polymers.

Some of the main Man-made fibers are,

  1.  Rayon

  2.  Polyester

  3.  Spandex

  4.  Nylon

  5. Acrylic