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Texhour connects both apparel buyer and seller through its informative knowledge on a single portal.We were able to represent all sectors of the garment, clothing and fashion industry successfully.Apart from providing successful business solutions, our insightful posts, data, fiber and raw material market analytics reports, and various technical features also provide textile related information.

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Export Merchandising

Types of Samples in Apparel Export Industry | Texhour

Sampling is done by the exporter to get approval from the buyer and it is made by sampling tailors. Samples are recommended by the...

Export Merchandising

Buyer Communication | Texhour

Communication with the buyer is done by the export merchandiser and this is the initial step which leads to being a success of the...

Export Merchandising

Buyer sourcing | Texhour

Buyer sourcing is the collection or gathering details of the buyer for the established company to develop the firm or industry. A...

Export Merchandising

Flowchart of Apparel Export Industry | Texhour

Flowchart of Apparel Export Industry

Export Merchandising

12 Skills of a Merchandiser | Texhour

The merchandiser is the most responsible person in the apparel industry. As the merchandiser had the responsibility of managing the...

Export Merchandising

Top 10 Roles of Export Merchandiser | Texhour

The role of an export merchandiser is to execution of the export order right from order placement to shipment of the goods. The responsibility...

Export Merchandising

6 Rulers of Apparel Industry | Texhour

Buying offices are the intermediate between the buyer and exporter. Nowadays why buying offices are greater intelligence in the apparel...

Export Merchandising

11 Techniques to Success in Apparel Industry | Texhour

Like tna plan, swot analysis there are so many techniques one should follow to be a successful person in the apparel industry.

Export Merchandising

6 Rights of Export Merchandising | Texhour

The concept of six rights may vary for export merchandising and retail merchandising, by understanding the six rights of export merchandising...

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion designer and their Types | Texhour

Fashion designer is the person who designs a new style or develops a new fashion and act as a creative person in the fashion world....

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising Process | Texhour

Fashion merchandising is done by fashion merchandiser who bringing the right fashion at right time in right quality and quantity with...

Fashion Merchandising

9 Professionals in Fashion Merchandising and their roles...

Like fashion designer, production merchandiser there are 9 more professional who are involved in fashion merchandising and their roles.

Fashion Merchandising

5 Stages of Fashion Cycle | Texhour

Fashion cycle act as an essential lead in fashion merchandising and the theory is used by the fashion merchant to execute or launching...

Fashion Merchandising

5 Principles of Fashion | Texhour

The Principle & concept of fashion is what most people accepted the way of dressing or doing something at a given time. It is a style...

Apparel Production

3 Process of Apparel Production | Texhour

Apparel production, also known as garment production and it is the process of converting fabric into garments. The term apparel production...


Top 5 Function of a Retailers | Texhour

According to American Marketing Association, “Retailing consists of the activities involved in selling directly to the ultimate consumer...

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