9 Professionals in Fashion Merchandising | Texhour

Like fashion designer, production merchandiser .........there are 9 more professional who are involved in fashion merchandising and their roles.

9 Professionals in Fashion Merchandising | Texhour
Texhour - 9 Professionals in Fashion Merchandising

The 9 professionals required for organizing fashion merchandising:


  1. Fashion Designer


  1. Buyer


  1. Comparison shopper


  1. Merchandising supervisor


  1. Stylist


  1. Fashion manager


  1. Sales representatives


  1. Artist


  1. Production Merchandiser



  1. Fashion Designer:

The designer is the person who designs a new style or develops a new fashion and acts as a creative person in the fashion world. A designer may be the freelancer or employed by the apparel industry.



  1. Buyer:

The buyer is the owner or in charge of a well-established retail company or acts as a wholesaler who has the bunch of small retail owners as the customer. The responsibility of a buyer is to purchase or buying goods for the company with the right quality and quantity. They made a right decision for buying by analyzing comparison shoppers report, market research, latest trend or fashion and some other phenomena.



  1. Comparison shopper:

On before every purchase, the buyer analyzes the report from a comparison shopper. The comparison shopper will evaluate price, quality, and market sales and also track the competitors move on advertising, promotion, and display. And also he had a good knowledge of fiber, fabric, coloring, dyeing, and printing with good writing skills.



  1. Merchandising supervisor:

The merchandising supervisor executes the all planning from purchase order to shipment. But the merchandising supervisor must have experience in all departments like designing, sourcing, production, and logistics. The supervisor should have good communication skills, leadership qualities, team workability and so on.



  1. Stylist:

A stylist is a person who coordinates the fashion item with accessories and other items of apparel including the color, texture, and shade. The stylist verifies the overall look of the poster or fashion merchandise going to be displayed in the store or public place. Mostly the stylists are employed by the big retail organization.



  1. Fashion manager:

The fashion manager leads their work with merchandise manager, the buyer, and store manager to establish the store’s fashion image. All the retail stores are under the control of the fashion manager and also work under their guidance. The promotion and display image are defined by the fashion managers and they play a vital role in visual merchandising.



  1. Sales representatives:

Not creating a fashion itself leads to great success, one should make aware about the new fashion to the customer and the person is a sales representative. The SR is the link between the new fashion and customer. The success of the retail and wholesale business mainly depends on the sales person’s skills. The SR must be in good personality, communication skills and should enjoy his work.



  1. Artist:

The artist in fashion merchandising creates fashion sketches, attractive posters for developing advertising and also create the catalog for sales.


  1. Production merchandiser:

Production merchandiser is the person who qualified in the field of garment production and the production merchandiser must be expertise in different type of fabric, type of seam, type of stitch, stitches per inch, type of machine used, size chart, AQL, garment testing, garment defect, color shade, different type of printing and dying.


Apart from these fashion consultant, copywriter, photographer, model, Fashion editor also plays a vital role in organizing the fashion merchandising.