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Fashion Merchandising

Tech Pack | Texhour

It is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with the manufacturers and explained all the necessary components...

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion designer and their Types | Texhour

Fashion designer is the person who designs a new style or develops a new fashion and act as a creative person in the fashion world....

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion Merchandising Process | Texhour

Fashion merchandising is done by fashion merchandiser who bringing the right fashion at right time in right quality and quantity with...

Fashion Merchandising

9 Professionals in Fashion Merchandising and their roles...

Like fashion designer, production merchandiser there are 9 more professional who are involved in fashion merchandising and their roles.

Fashion Merchandising

5 Stages of Fashion Cycle | Texhour

Fashion cycle act as an essential lead in fashion merchandising and the theory is used by the fashion merchant to execute or launching...

Fashion Merchandising

5 Principles of Fashion | Texhour

The Principle & concept of fashion is what most people accepted the way of dressing or doing something at a given time. It is a style...

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