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Export Merchandising

Types of Samples in Apparel Export Industry | Texhour

Sampling is done by the exporter to get approval from the buyer and it is made by sampling tailors. Samples are recommended by the...

Export Merchandising

Buyer Communication | Texhour

Communication with the buyer is done by the export merchandiser and this is the initial step which leads to being a success of the...

Export Merchandising

Buyer sourcing | Texhour

Buyer sourcing is the collection or gathering details of the buyer for the established company to develop the firm or industry. A...

Export Merchandising

Top 10 Roles of Export Merchandiser | Texhour

The role of an export merchandiser is to execution of the export order right from order placement to shipment of the goods. The responsibility...

Export Merchandising

6 Rights of Export Merchandising | Texhour

The concept of six rights may vary for export merchandising and retail merchandising, by understanding the six rights of export merchandising...

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